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Behind the scenes of the Customer Success Manager job with Bénédicte

20 April 2023
Dina Ranarison

Bénédicte is Customer Success Manager @RocketLinks. Her role is central as she identifies our clients' needs but she also assists them at any time of their journey on Let's focus on this key role  🚀   

Bénédicte, you are Customer Success Manager (CSM) at RocketLinks. Can you tell us more about your career and your role? What are your responsibilities?

I joined RocketLinks after a career in digital communication. I mainly worked in agencies. 

At RocketLinks, my job is to identify the needs of our self-service customers and accompany them - from the welcome call after their first steps on the platform, to the accompaniment throughout their projects, the presentation of all our tools, and the animation of webinars.

I also help them if they don't understand something on the platform or if they have a problem with a feature. To sum up, I am always here to listen to the clients of the RocketLinks platform! The goal is to reassure them about netlinking and SEO, as these concepts can seem a bit complicated. I can also train them on some key features of the platform and advise them on how to use them.

For the customers who are more comfortable with these notions, or even experts in the domain, my role is to make sure that everything goes well - from the selection of the media to the validation of the deal, for example.

As a Customer Success Manager, my priority is to ensure the satisfaction of my customers with all the services they use in both cases.

Thus, it is a follow-up on their entire journey on the platform. It is necessary to understand and anticipate their needs to accompany them as well as possible!

Who are your clients?

I manage a diversified client portfolio: advertisers, agencies, self-employed… What they have in common is that they have all chosen our self-service offer. Customers have full access to the platform and can select the links they buy from the media in our catalog. This allows them to control their budget and their link-buying strategy.

What can you tell us about the self-service offer?

This offer is dedicated to clients who have occasional needs, or who want to set up their link purchasing strategy independently. The goal is to offer a complete user experience that enables customers to manage their own campaigns thanks to innovative and unique tools like RocketLinks AI - our search engine that analyzes the Google results of more than 100 keywords and ensures the customer a selection of media in half the time.

We can thus say that our solution is a complete netlinking assistant! Of course, our self-service customers can contact RocketLinks if they want to go further. We are always here to guide them and help them find the best possible links.

Do you have a tip for clients going into self-service?

Don't be afraid to get started with the platform. As you will see, it is very intuitive. Test the features and all the options to find the ones that suit you best. At RocketLinks, we always adapt to our clients' needs, there is no such thing as a typical project. If a customized accompanying program has to be created, I do it 🙂

Dina Ranarison

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Behind the scenes of the Customer Success Manager job with Bénédicte

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